A word of warning: this is going to be massive and it’s not going to be nice. I tried to be as objective as possible, seeing that “The Last of Us” is one of the greatest games I’ve ever played, but this sequel made my blood boil with rage.

While the topic has been stirring for many years, it was “The Last of Us: Part II” that was the last drop which added both insult and injury. From a great first game, Naughty Dog Inc. decided to push “social questions” and gender ideology in their sequel. While the paid “professional” reviewers rate “The Last of Us: Part II” as one of the best things since sliced bread (give me a break here), it appears that the larger gaming audience is not so generous, as evident from the tanking Metacritic scores

“The Last of Us: Part II” was riddled with issues a long, long while before its release. It is an open secret that Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann (known as Cuckmann among the disgruntled community) is heavily inspired by the forgotten and irrelevant trash known as Anita Sarkeesian. For those who don’t know who this excuse for a human is – she is the creator of “Feminist Frequency”, a YouTube channel that bashes popular culture for the alleged lack of representation of women and the alphabet community. If they are represented – they are not represented properly. That’s her general opinion. Just to get a whiff of the hot garbage that is being released there, two of their somewhat latest released videos are about the Disney+ series “The Mandalorian” and how there is only one woman with no face. The second one is about how terribly women are represented in “The Witcher” But I digress. The reason why I brought it up is because back in 2014, Druckmann presented Sarkeesian with the Game Developers Choice Ambassador Award. Talk about inspiration for Naughty Dog /sarcasm.

A picture of Ellie - one of the playable characters in

Amazing graphics, terrific art and terrible writing. Such a waste 🙁

Fast-forward to 2017 – we probably all remember that terrible panel at PSX with the hostess Hannah Hart and how weird and forced the panel was. She was practically incapable of asking right questions and didn’t seem to know the first thing about the gaming industry. Two bits from it:

PUBG? I don’t know what that is. I played “The Last of Us” a year ago and it was the first game I ever played.
Hannah Hart

Host at PSX 2017

Back then that was… Mind-blowing, for lack of better words, and not in the good way. Many a thinking person, myself included, scratched their heads and asked “How the hell did we get this?”. A quick online research then showed that Hart is a popular lesbian vlogger. And there we have it – that was the only, the ONLY reason she got to sit there asking the questions. Why should it have been a person, who is knowledgeable and plays video games, let alone a person who knows the industry? That’s apparently unimportant nowadays.

Hannah Hart - the host of PSX 2017

This whole thing was preposterously ridiculous.

On this panel we also see one of the game characters’ voice actors, Ian Alexander, who portrays Lev in-game. Lev is a transsexual man in the game (for those of you who are getting confused – it is a biological woman, who had a sex change and “became” a man). Another digression on my part here – how can there be a transgender person in this game. Society fell decades before. There should not be any hormone injections at all. Which leads to a different question – how does one get a sex change during an apocalypse? Asking for a friend.

Anyhow, while Alexander (an out of the closet transgender) seemed like a likable person in front of the camera, it is not quite the reality of things once you see the things she (yes, I said it) tweets about:

A twitter tweet from @ianalexander saying

Aggressiveness too much? Or am I imagining things…

WOW! Just F-ing WOW!

Let me break this down for you quickly as to what happens: PANDERING has negatively infected gaming culture and “The Last of Us: Part II” is the quintessential example of it. Before we get into gameplay, story, sound design and overall fun of the game; we need to have a serious discussion on what pandering is and how it effects culture negatively. Pandering is defined as doing things for an individual or group in order to gain a favor and advantage for yourself. Every game, comic book, movie or music may contain some form of pandering, and in most cases it isn’t a big deal. In modern culture, however, we have reached a point where pandering has become an issue, particularly when a medium appeals to a certain demographic without making any effort to understand the people they’re supposedly representing. It often feels like an afterthought, something thrown in to reap the benefits of including that group (typically a minority) without doing any actual work. Typically it’s lazy representation at best, and at worst it can be actively harmful to the demographic being represented or misrepresented. “The Last of Us: Part II” is the latter. If you dig around Neil Druckmann’s interviews, you’re going to hear these words a lot – diversity, inclusiveness, representation. In itself I have few problems with these ideals – nothing wrong with respecting people of all kinds. But there is another side of the coin – it can get a little ridiculous how much focus a developer puts over this when they forget that quality and appeal are the most important. For example, I have yet to see a game with a Bulgarian protagonist with an accent like mine, but I’ve certainly never felt that I needed to be represented more. I understand that an entire game taking place in my small country is not going to appeal to the mass market, so you will not hear me complain.

A hand grabbing a human's brain through their mouth. The words

That’s what happens, more or less. The sad reality of today’s society.

But that’s not even the worst of it. Many senior developers and designers at Naughty Dog claim that this is one of the worst projects they’ve ever had to work on in their careers. And no, not solely because they disagree with the plot. They even had to “bite their tongues” out of fear of losing their jobs, even careers, to an outrage mob. Welcome to woke culture and cancel culture. 2020 – you beautiful bastard. The fear of being called closed-minded or even phobic or some such nonsense leading to this bull. Oh, but it continues. Up to 70% of “Uncharted 4″‘s non-lead designers who worked on “The Last of Us: Part II” left due to the course the company was taking and the crunch culture. OK, maybe not the right way to say it. After all, the word “crunch” has a partially positive meaning. Kinda like “Let us all work on this project together and make this big dream become a reality!”. But what it turned out to be went along the lines of “Y’all need to work more for less money, in spite of the fact that we had a record year, while top brass tries to figure out which small country to buy. Oh, and if you don’t like it – the door’s right there. You’ll just need to sign the NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreements) papers on your way out or you won’t get your last paycheck.”



WORKERS RIGHTS: Woah now that’s too far…

Neil Druckmann (in a nutshell)

Naughty Dog

I mean, you do have to pay your workers instead of Anita Sarkeesian. Why? Because literally no one gives a damn about Anita Sarkeesian – everyone just wants a good game with a good story and good gameplay and no politics. The reason most of us play video games is to escape and get away from the world and politics, so when they put politics into video games, especially one of my favorite franchises – it pisses me off to no end.
Woke garbage like this has me rooting for the zombies.

Founder, DoomMachine Gaming

These disgruntled former employees even vocally wished that the game flopped. Not only that, but upon them leaving, they had to sign strict NDAs  so they couldn’t even discuss the hell they’ve been through. Not that it helped – there were multiple articles about how Naughty Dog makes female characters less feminine in order to appease the trans community. If you already forgot about Anita Sarkeesian and the PSX panel – a swift reminder.

Furthermore, Naughty Dog (and Druckmann in particular) crumbled under the pressure from their own “different” staff, who served to “inspire” the plot of the game.

It’s about the prosecutions of LGBTQ people throughout history and Naughty Dog Inc., thought it was relevant to bring these issues back to the forefront with the rise of white supremacy and transphobia in the modern world.

The above is quote from a source, close to the developer team. It followed the major leaks of pre-release footage, which revealed huge chunks of the story and how a significant amount of the enemies are religious (Christian), white male zealots, who persecute alphabet people. The appropriate retort here is “Really?” with a Spock-style raised eyebrow. Because it results in a game that is strongly opposing to the heterosexual (also known as CIS/cisgendered in the “woke” communities) white male and the Christians. By this point, you see why Naughty Dog and “The Last of Us: Part II” are going off a cliff – it’s going so woke that it will get crashed and burned. We know that in the USA about 70% of the population is Caucasian. So if you were to say something bad about the Caucasian people, that is going to instantly take away 70% of your market and many of the gamers are male. So if you are to then make fun of men in your game and paint them as the bad people you are going to remove them from your game. Additionally, most of the United States, as far as religion goes, is Christian. So if you were to say something bad about Christianity you are going to take them out of the game. Who are you left selling the game to? Really nobody.

The flag of the USA along with a poster that reads

To a side observer this is the primary message of everything.

If you think your message is your message is good and you’re trying to push a narrative – look at it from the other side. Look at it as how would you accept it if you’re part of the group that is being attacked, and if you say “No” then what you’re doing is going to offend the other group and you have to chill on that because you’re going to ruin whatever product you’re trying to put out. And the end message is we’re not going to become accepting of these other groups. We’re going to end up disliking the other groups because you’re forcing it down our throats with a bad message. You’re putting us down and saying “Hey, you need to accept this, you need to accept this, you need to accept this! And while you’re accepting it, we also don’t like you and you’re bad and you’re part of the problem”. Just put the message out and say “Look, this is who we are and we just want to be part of the community”. I’m OK with that and I find it acceptable.

That, folks, is even BEFORE the actual game got released. Then, at that point, I was like “Holy shit, that dumpster fire…”

The story is nothing like the first game. Lots of people don’t think “The Last of Us” needed a sequel at all. Granted, the ending of the original left a door for future installments, but it did end quite properly – with a very questionable from a moral standpoint decision, which was quite appropriate for the world in which the game was set. Not really justifiable to focus on those final moments. Yet here we are with the revenge story of Ellie, who strives to hunt down the executioner of Joel – her sole support (and sanity) pillar in her life – more on that below. The pacing is insufferable – some of the “dead air” is filled with character interactions between Ellie and her companions but sadly (and somewhat expected), many of these characters are completely one-dimensional. What’s worse is that the relationships with the new characters are so devoid of “chemistry” that they cannot even hold a candle to being as authentic or believable as the moments with Joel. Ellie’s girlfriend Dina is present in a big portion of the game. Apparently, the developers believed that everyone will like her right off the bat, even without a reason to do so. We’re only told the two of them formed a “long-standing” bond between the two games. That’s about it. She tags along just because of their romantic relationship and basically doesn’t leave much of an impact.

A close shot of Ellie's face from

Incredible detail, probably squeezing everything from what the console has to offer.

The narrative thankfully picks up substantially in the second half, with a larger dynamic cast and plot developments being doled out at a much more frequent tempo. Even still, the issue of pacing feels pervasive later, leading to larger scenes of character growth and decisions feeling oddly rushed through. This even extends to the story’s climax, where the logic behind a conclusive character choice is swiftly brushed over, with the reasoning being barely justified. You barely fight the infected, you don’t look for a cure. Honestly, this game could be a completely different game. The Clickers and the virus don’t matter whatsoever in the game. When do they actually have an effect on it? They don’t. They’re just cool things to kill between cutscenes. No one gets infected or killed by a zombie, it literally makes no difference. It’s pretty much a revenge story with a twist. As Druckmann said – it is subverting expectations. It mostly starts with the first game’s protagonist Joel Miller being gruesomely killed with a golf club (should have been a driver club, but that’s my 2 cents on the matter) by Abby – the transcoded woman with a bodybuilder body and no matching voice. We are introduced to her when Joel rescues her from being killed by the infected and then she almost immediately brutally tortures and kills him in front of Ellie. This alone is reason enough for me to hate this character. The reason Naughty Dog give for her doing this does not justify it. Basically, Joel killed her father (a surgeon working with the Fireflies from the first game) and she was out for blood and revenge. Except we know that Joel killed her dad in self-defence and her dad was trying to kill Ellie for a cure without her consent. The game shows that Abby used the golden rule of “do unto others what you would want done unto you” to support her father in killing Ellie. Her argument was something like “If it was me, I would want you to do it.” Neither she nor her father wanted to give Ellie the choice. So, both Abby and her dad are introduced as sadistic psychopaths. One might argue that Joel was also a sadistic psychopath, except as far as i remember, in the entire first game Joel only kills those who attack or threaten him and Ellie first. So, no he can’t be compared to Abby and her dad.

Ellie from

You can’t deny that at least rage is portrayed properly.

It was about this point (when that particular scene was leaked) that Troy Baker, the voice actor for Joel, made a couple of tweets about how we needed to approach the game with an open mind. I feel sorry for Baker – he knows he can’t say anything “bad” about how his character was treated because he’d get blacklisted. He gets to see his own iconic character gutted and neutered for the sake of being “woke”, and he’s most likely not so much of a “woke” person himself, but he has to force himself to say “this is fine” because he doesn’t want to be called a transphobe because his character got killed by a transcoded woman in the game. The moment the voice actor for Joel came out and said that we should keep an open mind about the sequel, I knew it was going to be trash. You only ask people to keep an open mind, when the customer has an expectation, and you have failed to meet it. Of course Troy Baker had nothing to do with that script. Still though telling hint.

A nature scenery pan from the game

From a graphical standpoint the game is truly a masterpiece.

Speaking of the cast, every character that we knew is changed on a RADICAL SCALE. Tommy was not this laid-back, lighthearted fun guy. In the first game he was caring and had a sense of humor but he was a serious leader. Here he is just a funny uncle. Ellie was a fun joking girl who made friends easily and seemed natural with just about anyone and sure of herself. Now she is awkward, quiet, distant, gloomy, dumb, and weak. She was a character of hope in the first game, giving light to the dark world, all of which is pretty much gone. Joel himself was a protective father who understood Ellie and let her have more and more freedom. He wasn’t a talker but he wasn’t socially awkward. Now he seems awkward and docile, forgetting how capable Ellie is. He isn’t as cautious and dangerous as he was. The dude blazed across America, a task that wiped out a group of Fireflies. Now he seems like a toothless incompetent shade of his former self. He casually tells Abby their names.

Oh, it gets dumber – he also tells her the location of their hideout. Why? Why are you telling this woman this? Do you know who she is? Do you know who she is with? Do you know you can trust her? No. So why do you tell her this information? Why just casually do this? So just sit back and bask in the stupidity of Joel Miller, a man so distrusting in the first game that he would never give more than his first name, sometimes would even make up names, never lowered his guard, wouldn’t even trust Ellie to the point it took her almost to be raped and killed before he cared at all. That guy, now on the run, casually gives out his name to people he doesn’t know, ignores numerous points where Abby and her people act weird around him, lets them lock him in a room and still gives these people his fucking name. Such incoherence in character. Both him and Tommy have survived decades in the post-apocalyptic world, yet they stupidly follow an armed group down to the basement and then tell them who they are and where exactly they live. It doesn’t make sense. Why don’t they question why this armed group is so close to their settlement? Why don’t they assume they are some sort of raiders? Why were they not prepared in case these were bad people? Is this the same cautious and intelligent Joel who ran over a man pretending to beg for help, while in reality was part of an ambush?

A common response I’ve heard is that they became soft after the years of peace they’ve lived in. But being soft doesn’t mean being stupid. Also, the game itself contradicts this characteristic of Joel because in the game Ellie wears a gas mask. Why? Because of Joel’s cautiousness! It is literally explained in a flashback that Joel does not allow her to tell anyone she is infected, not even her friends. He also tells her to wear a gas mask to which she replies no one is going to see her but Joel argues that they might run into someone.

That’s all in the first two hours of the game, baby. That’s the fucking opening. Now I get why Naughty Dog wouldn’t want anyone to talk about this scene after it was leaked. Because this scene alone would piss off (and it did) so many people. Not because Joel dies but because of how he dies. The clusterfuck of stupid that leads to him dying. His death feels totally contrived done purely for shock value and giving no real resolution. It’s made even worse by a character who looks like Niel Druckmann spitting on Joel’s body. I mean, having Joel slip on a banana peel and breaking his neck would be less insulting than this. It’s like this script was written by a moron who is screeching “I’m smart, I’m smart”. Yeah, let’s hide all this information about the game because if people knew what we did, they wouldn’t touch it with Abby’s dick.

The characters in general seem way off and boring. I hated Jesse instantly and Dina is such a dry and uninteresting person. Tommy seems so off and the way he acts was so strange to me. Ellie is no longer a witty and impulsive girl that made you laugh and happy. She is now a stone-cold killer with little to no emotion. That change to Ellie was another problem for people. Her personality’s changed, which is fine – she has aged about 4 years. But the idea that she’s become this vicious murderer who never questions her actions, just doesn’t fit her character. The same goes for how Joel and Tommy act in the game. Their personalities are completely different from the first game. With Ellie it’s worse because you’re forced to play as someone without being given any choice to decide how she behaves. She descends into madness and cruelty and there’s nothing likable or understandable about it. There also aren’t any people outside of Dina who really question what she does. So she’s just violent and everyone’s like “You know you’ll probably die if do that, right?”. That’s it? That’s how people would react in this crapsack world where they’re struggling to survive? I don’t buy it. Other gamers aren’t buying it.

A screenshot from

The gloomy atmosphere is perfectly captured.

Now you see why people are pissed. On the top of that, while the game looks fantastic, it’s the same mechanics from the first game. Nothing’s really been improved or changed. So you’re forcing players to use outdated gaming mechanics while slogging through an over-long pretentious murder-spree and then having to play half the game with the character they probably hate more than pedophiles. 10 out of 10. Perfect scores in every gaming site review. BULLSHIT! This game is a big pile of “Meh”. Great graphics don’t make up outdated gameplay, shitty storytelling or contrived writing. Like I said before – we now know why Sony and Naughty Dog flipped out over the leaks – because if people really knew what happened in this game they wouldn’t like it and wouldn’t buy it. And apparently, they can’t return it either. There are some stores basically saying they are not doing any refunds. Whether this is only for this shitshow or all games is unclear, but still. When your game is so bad stores are like “Nah, nah, I don’t want it back”, that’s a problem.

“The Last of Us: Part II” has the beautiful theme and relationship dynamics from the original completely thrown out of the window in order for the writers to pander Ellie as a strong female LGBT lead. All the charm and charisma she had in the first game is completely gone as Ellie has been reduced to being part of a, as writer Neil Druckmann puts it: “diverse cast of strong female characters”. HOLD THE BABY! Being female and gay does not make Ellie a strong character. Being deadly and proficient in killing does not make Ellie a strong character. Having a tortured past and being an emotionally distant does not make Ellie a strong character. In fact, being the potential cure to save humanity, also did not make Ellie a strong character either. She became a strong lead because of how her actions dynamically affected those around her, specifically Joel and his group. In this bleak future, Ellie is the Last bit of humanity (of Us, if you will) in a literal sense but also in an emotionally resonant way for all of us.

The rainbow flag of the LGBTQ movement with a fist in the center of it

The LGBT propaganda is seeping from the game. At times – to the point of annoyance.

The game works really, really hard to make you not care about the characters – with the dissonance, with the lack of internal logic and with the game being at war with itself for players using the system itself and making the players feel guilty for doing so.

Here come the SJW outcries. Speak up about finding Joel being killed by a transcoded woman and having a trans character as unnecessary additions and you’re a homophobe. Speak up that you’d rather had Joel remaining and the game wasn’t made for you in the first place. This reminds of two tweets from Boon Cotter that are so typical for the whole situation. Either you’re with them or against them – there’s no middle ground.

A twitter tweet from Boon Cooter saying

No, Boon. You are not a boon to the gaming world. You are just a conforming piece of shit, who spits at the very people, who are making it possible for you to work at a game studio. Asshole!

A screenshot of a tweet by Boon Cooter saying

Uuum, OK. Apparently he called 90% of gamers toxic gamerbros, but OK.

Let me say that I just hate seeing strawman arguments attacking us regular gamers – saying we don’t like playing as females, that we are sexist, homophobes or toxic gamerbros. Meanwhile we all grew up with characters like Lara Croft, we play games with female protagonists all the time and none of us minded the “Left Behind” storyline. Of course there is that small amount of actual idiots but that’s such a small fraction and most of the people complaining are doing so with legitimate arguments that are simply ignored and put in the same camp. There’s no need to assume the worst out of people that if they have an issue they have wrong intentions. The majority of gamers liked “The Last of Us” for its story about survival, for the bonds between Joel and Ellie and the vicious gameplay in this vicious world. The more you shift focus to other elements, the less people are going to be happy about it, it’s not that complicated. The majority of gamers are men, the majority of gamers are straight. They won’t mind a character in a gay relationship but they won’t get excited or ask for it, either. That’s not in any way disrespectful to those who do and it sure doesn’t make them homophobes. The one thing the media and Naughty Dog makes the focal point – the kiss between Ellie and Dina. Never had such a thing gotten a focus on E3.

Dina kissing Ellie in a lesbian scene within

Just one of several such scenes.

I’m just so tired of it all. I used to be such a fan that I’d follow developers on social media because of that passion for making games, the insight that I’d get that I otherwise wouldn’t know about. Nowadays, that’s far from the focus. It’s all about political talk and social issues. That’s a choice and they’re free to make it but the consequence is that I’m becoming less interested in their work as time keeps passing and I find it a shame. I think about the Naughty Dog that I loved time ago, how at no point I ever felt the need to question the thought process behind a certain character. The funny thing is – now that I did for the first time I actually realized how diverse the case of the “Uncharted” games was all along without ever feeling it interrupting or taking me out of the experience. I’m all for freedom and quality but I cannot stand the social justice movements that we see today. Contrary to what they claim to be they are incredibly intolerant and forceful in their views. But what some developers and the vocal gaming community out there fail to realize is that the overwhelming majority are rational and intelligent gamers. They can disagree in how they feel about these decisions but they certainly don’t deserve a specific label put on them for how they feel. Most of us play games to have fun, to escape reality and experience great stories that don’t strongly push an agenda but simply entertain. I can only hope that Naughty Dog will remember to make games for these people and put their priorities in the right place.

But apparently, it has always been us, the players, who ruin everything. Not the fact that a beloved world was butchered and turned into something grotesque. It’s just a bunch of miserable people in this miserable world with a miserable story and honestly a miserable outcome in “The Last of Us: Part II”. People play for the characters and story, which is nothing short of disappointing and misguided in this game. The utter lack of respect toward previous or even new characters prevents the player from getting invested in them, and the game fails to utilize the one relationship the player was already invested in going into the game. Instead they demolish that relationship, and never really show it getting back to anything of what it used to be. Most other characters in this game are stagnant and replaceable, and while they have good performances, they fail to make me care about them in a meaningful way. That is, until they get brutally murdered on a quest for revenge. By the end of the game I was so numb to violence nothing shocked me anymore, and I’m not sure what the game was even trying to say through all this violence and misery. What I do know is that I feel devastated for Ellie and deep hatred for Abby.

A close shot at a handgun from

Just look at the detail. Amazing!

I truly hope Naughty Dog lets this franchise die in the pit they dug for it. I absolutely loved the first game, but this train wreck wants me to feel depressed for nothing. Some of the lessons it tries to teach seem so stupidly simple I asked myself if I was even hearing it right. All I can hear now is the ringing in my ears after listening to one of my favorite games get pillaged and massacred in the name of “Subverted Expectations”. The game is so brutal and violent it is likely to make people sick. The way every person is treated and how they all suffer in some way just hurts. Joel dies, Jesse dies, Tommy gets shot in the head and loses an eye, Dina abandons Ellie, and Ellie ends the game alone, finger-less, and sad. Not only that, but she literally lost everything – her father figure and confidant, her friends (even though I utterly disliked Jesse, but meh), Dina, her only connection to her mother (a switchblade, that she used to stab Abby but lost in the water during their final confrontation), and lastly – her only remaining connection to Joel, which was the ability to play the guitar.

Which brings us to the Abby playing sequence. Sequence is not the right word – you get about 12 hours of playtime with her, almost immediately after she plays Tiger Woods’ daughter with Joel. I hated every second that I had to play as Abby, and since you play her for nearly half the game, I lost my mind. I have absolutely no sympathy for her and what her past was. She is uninteresting and her character depth is dogshit. No one wants to deal with something like that, especially when as Ellie you are forced to kill hundreds of people and dogs in very gruesome ways but you can’t choose to kill Abby. Meanwhile, as Abby you’re saving kids and puppies and you’re supposed to be this good person who later relishes the idea of murdering a pregnant woman. When Ellie finds out that she’s killed a pregnant woman she’s disgusted with herself. Abby’s over here like “I’m gonna dig that fetus out with a spoon”.

I don’t even want to speak about the farm sequence that follows – Ellie and Dina raising the baby of Jesse (who was killed by Abby). So implausible and out of tone that I legitimately believed it was a dream sequence of either Ellie or Dina, who were dying in the theater. Don’t insult us with this idea that they go to a fucking farm upstate – it reeks of in-authenticity!

Ellie kissing Dina's neck with Dina saying

Part of the farm sequence, which I truly believed was a hallucination or a dream. Sadly, it was not.

As a matter of fact, the best parts in the game are the flashbacks. Let me rephrase that the Joel flashbacks are the best story and writing moments in the game. This brings me to the ending which I could barely get myself to. So, why does Ellie spare Abby at the end? You spend the entire game hunting her down and you kill hundreds of people to get to Abby. The moral of the story is that killing is bad and the cycle of revenge, so basically the game is telling me that killing Abby would get me nowhere. But this is stupid because the story tells me that you need to kill everyone in your path to get to Abby and when I get there, the game says “NO! Cue cutscene!”. At least give the player a choice. I bet 95% of all players would absolutely destroy Abby in the worst way possible. Why am I told to kill for the first 25 hours but not the final resolution? I can even understand killing Joel randomly to show that he wasn’t a god, but to have Ellie turn the other cheek after killing hundreds of people after she gets a chance for revenge? She doesn’t forgive a random bigot, but forgives the person who brutally killed Joel in front of her.

The whole revenge plot is just so stupid and I never thought it would pay off. Which it didn’t. Terrible and sloppy writing. It feels cheap and left such a bad taste in my mouth, I couldn’t even break a smile. In fact, the only time I did smile was during the flashbacks with Joel and Ellie. It shows what the game could have been without all the hate and sadness. And the scenes like Owen and Abby in the aquarium I just thought about how this scene could have been good if replaced by Joel and Ellie. The game ending with Ellie unable to play guitar due to her missing fingers, and all alone just crushed me. She didn’t deserve any of this. This game is so depressing and intentionally filled with hate. By the end, the game gave me so many negative feelings I can’t even explain them. Why would anyone want that in a video game? Ultimately, it feels like a slap in the face compared to the first game. The game did not need to be like this, I would have loved if it was just the Joel and Ellie flashbacks. I still can’t believe this is the end result. I could go more in-depth but I don’t want to. I can’t express how much it hurts me.

I really like stories that ask difficult moral questions, especially when things don’t play out perfectly or have a happy ending. The world is shit. It’s full of horrible people who do horrible things for petty reasons and it doesn’t seem to take people much to act like that. For all the good things people can do, we can very quickly turn to doing pure evil without even thinking about it. Exploring that, especially in a game, is interesting, which is why we have games that allow you to choose your responses and actions to decide to be good, bad or in-between and the best versions of those games allow players to have compromised morals. The problem is that “The Last of Us: Part II” doesn’t give you this choice – it’s not so much a game as it is an interactive movie so you’re watching the characters descend into cruelty and violence with no control over it. You’re moving them along but it’s just to move them through the scene.

The sad thing is, Neil Druckmann is likely still convinced he’s made the world a better place with this game. In a way, he may have. We’re pushing back harder than ever on bullshit in gaming. It’s amazing because you can see he’s really annoyed that his big-brain story flopped with gamers. He’s lived so much in his head and surrounded himself by people who either kissed his ass or were too afraid to speak up that no one told him he’s not as clever as he thinks he is. It’s like he made “Feminism: The Game”. You get to play it and you’re like “This is shit!”. Yeah, that’s pretty much always true. But he’s so full of himself, that he even included a collectible in-game card with his likeness. The audacity is strong.

The frontside of the

Behold, the “visionary”

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To an extent, Naughty Dog died when Amy Hennig left.

On a technical level, this is Naughty Dog’s best game. The graphics are amazing and the gameplay is buttery smooth. I do wish the jump button was used in a more interesting way. The combat feels mostly the same with new additions like the silencer that I enjoyed the most. I feel that upgrades for guns and abilities have been done better in this game too. Environments feel more real and they were a blast to play through. Those were my only positives sadly. I played this game on hard and god damn is this AI bad, absolutely no strides forward since 2013 and I had to check a few times to see if the difficulty switched to easy or something. The graphics and sound design are worth praise as enemies converse realistically and move dynamically through the environment, a touch of the Naughty Dog refinement. Even the dogs have a level of interaction. When you kill a dog, his owner would call it by name and be devastated when when they find their furry friend dead.

Lastly, we have the truly awesome things – Gustavo Santaolalla’s score is AMAZING. It is beautiful, yet unsettling. It is nostalgic and it is haunting. The art style is pure eye-candy. I admit I had never seen humans rendered in such great and beautiful detail until this game. Lastly in this group – Naughty Dog made the game extremely accessible to people with disabilities. For this alone I could write an entirely separate post, but you can read more about the topic in this amazing CNET article.

Conclusion: I could write a lot more criticisms of this game such as it being an SJW’s wet dream and how they ruined Ellie’s character but at this point I just want to forget it existed. I hated it so much that it even ruined my like for the first game because I know it leads up to this garbage. Not much to say at this point. If you made it to this point – I salute to you. Hopefully, you were nodding your head and not getting more fiery (yeah, I know it’s not the proper way to say or write it). No one is interested in playing “The Wokest of Us”. I really enjoyed the first game, and to take this interesting story and butcher it just to play politics is a testament to what happens when you listen to con-artists like Anita Sarkeesian and other feminist busy-bodies. Let this be a lesson to developers. The time for playing politics is over. People are tired of being lectured and tired of the far-left propaganda. Focus on making good games with great gameplay and solid stories or you’ll find yourself more unwanted than a lesbian at a catholic seminary. But what do I know – I’m just a random guy over the Internet who thinks that the madness that has gripped the Western world has long since crossed the boundaries of common sense. One of the rare cases in which living in a muddy, poor and corrupt Eastern European pigsty led by a semi-literate goon does not seem so depressing.

Author: DoomMachine

DoomMachine is an amateur with over 20 years in the world of gaming (offline and online). His off-duty hours are spent either directly in the world of e-entertainment or in reading copious amount of articles and discussions regarding the state of the e-scene. His radical views have earned him the ire of many an offended SJW but that only seems to drive him forward.