So, it finally came to this – the first post to signify the site being more or less complete. By “more or less complete” (used extremely liberally) I mean that the primary pages are set. The design is fugly but… Well, fuck it – you’ll live with it! I am not a designer so it is as good as it gets :D. Where was I? Oh yeah – so the design is crap, but hey – there are pictures and the site is kinda fast, so we’ve got that going, which is nice.

Enough whining, though! We are here to kick ass and have fun. Be it together or at someone’s expense. And work on our entertainment skills. And work on this website. By the way, I’m sure you noticed, but the site is dual-language in a, how should I put it… An extravagant and avant-garde way, perhaps? I still don’t know what will happen with this project and who the target audience will be, but at the same time, I don’t want to miss out on anything or anyone. Yeah, I am greedy, all right.

I think that’s enough for the website and its design (or lack thereof). If you’ve reached this page, perhaps you want to know more about this project, its purpose and its aims. For the moment it will be a repository for all our bullshit and brain farts. When we, eventually, get going with our podcasts, they will be linked as well.

For now, stay tuned for more that will eventually (TM) come. And, while you are waiting, you can check who we are and what we fight for.


I shouldn’t have read this,

Everyone on this planet

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Author: DoomMachine

DoomMachine is an amateur with over 20 years in the world of gaming (offline and online). His off-duty hours are spent either directly in the world of e-entertainment or in reading copious amount of articles and discussions regarding the state of the e-scene. His radical views have earned him the ire of many an offended SJW but that only seems to drive him forward.