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Dude, are you f***ing kidding me?

ShadoW – the great all-covering one

Who am I?

Hello friends, fag… members of the alphabet community, colleagues and viewers. Shadow has arrived. My ID papers state that my name is Dimitar, but I think only my relatives refer to me by this name. To everyone else I’m known as Shadow, especially in the LARP circles and the Warriors of the Seven Hills (one of the Plovdiv-based clans, which I founded).

Peeps be like “Who you be and what you doin’?. In general, the answer is “Cuthbert fucks you all!”. The real answer would be more along the lines of: during the day we dodge shit in our work environment (being IT Technical Support and all) and during the rest of the day we dodge shit in the gaming world. Yeah, I mean – I use the phrase “during the day” very liberally as I don’t remember when I last worked during the day itself. You get the idea, so don’t be like this!

About my streams when they are present, eh? Nowadays there is one extremely damned and dirty movement – political correctness, social justice warriors (fuck them) and bastardisation of tolerance (tolerasty). My stream is fundamentally based onΒ not being a COMMUNITY, which is based on this bullshit. We are here for gaming and hard truth, no matter how ugly the latter is. It was said quite accurately – serious life stuff, serious gaming.

I’m relatively new in the world of live-streaming, so there is a 100% probability of stuff that needs adjusting – we will do so together.

As opposed to my colleagues, I don’t do dumb shit – everything has been precisely calculated (#TooProForThisShit). I may happen to miss something from the chat – it’s not intentional and usually a moderator sees it and relates it to me. We are all in Team Speak/Discord – there is nothing that could be missed anyways.


A dark and misshapen shadow figure
A shadowy figure near a lit doorframe
The Middle Finger - a universal gesture

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Co-Founder of Doom Legion Omega

– A god on his own

– A total vegan (killer)

– 100% FPS games fan (yeah, right!)



  1. You are welcome to participate in the conversation / fun at anytime (in fact, it is recommended)
  2. Trolling is OK but all below rules are in full effect! It is allowed to troll me if, in my own view, there is humor in what you said. Killjoys (and KillJokes) will be banned
  3. Never flame at the other chat participants or the streamer. No insults or swearing. Let’s not be troopers. Well, not much, at the very least… Profanities and curses are allowed if they are used properly and with good taste. Swearing just for the swearing itself is punishable with a Ban. Don’t self-censor yourself by writing “p***y” – everyone understands what you want to say. (Pushy, of course)
  4. No Toxicity. Also, never hate on other streamers!
  5. Moderators are people whom I trust. I haven’t modded random people (with the exception of the mods, who are random people, of course). Don’t hurt them – sometimes, there is a very easy to wound and sensitive soul behind the sword, and we’d need to ask for donations afterwards, in order to pay for a shrink so the hurt feelings can be healed.
  6. I play what I want to and all comments like “I don’t like this – why are you playing it?” are completely unnecessary. You can vote with the X in the top-right: if you don’t like it – don’t watch. I don’t fulfill orders, unless I’ve asked chat “What should I play?”
  7. If I stream in English: Don’t hate me for the accent – I’m from Europe and I’m not a native English speaker. If it bothers you THAT much, you can always GTFO.
  8. The most offending sentence is “Gift me ______” or “Do a giveaway for ________”. I don’t want this kind of audience and I would prefer having 10 viewers than having 1000 waiting for a reward for being here. I’d like to tell the latter type “You are NOT awesome”, “You are not special”, “I can manage without you” and most importantly “Goodbye / Adios!”
  9. Do unto others. I understand this is the internet and there is a lot of “keyboard courage” out there.. but c’mon.. we’re all here to have fun… So – don’t be THAT guy!
  10. No Spam, including meme spam
  11. It’s good to have an 11th rule. Not for anything else, but simply to have a Commandment more than God.
  12. Don’t ruin the pleasure for the others. (We’ve talked about the X in the top-right). Have fun or don’t watch. If the other rules are being followed and the people who are interested and having fun are watching, but there is one dude who thinks that “HIS OPINION IS VERY IMPORTANT” and can’t keep it to himself, he will be Banned.
  13. Don’t promote your channels before discussing it with me in advance. I don’t like people who promote / market something in my channel without my approval and I will not tolerate people, who promote my stream in other people streams. Respect people’s work and before spamming ads and promotions – ask the the channel owner for permission.
  14. Expect dark humour, (self) irony, mocking teammates and salty talks with friends, mostly in Discord and TeamSpeak. Do note that what is said may not correspond with the streamer’s viewpoint
  15. Imagine a white, fluffy bunny. You imagined one, right? Systematically breaking the rules will lead me to KILLING THE BUNNY!!! Don’t make me do it – I like him a lot, and I too think it is cute and fluffy, but I’m a pragmatic guy.
  16. Stupid questions (especially ones with evident answer or ones that are already answered in title, panel or anywhere on the channel) will be ignored
  17. Most of all – enjoy!
  18. Fuck ALL other rules!

You’d better follow the rules, otherwise even I can’t help you. Cuthbert is a force to be reckoned with!



Grunge rubber stamp with text "Know The Rules"
A Sci Fi Guardian Overseer


Of the time Cuthbert sees that the rules are obeyed


In which Cuthbert does not see to the rules being followed are due to dealing with Chuck Norris, who tends to break the rules

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How old are you?

A: 28

Q: What’s your job?

A: I work in IT – Technical Support in a Web Hosting Company.

Q: Why do you stream?

A: For fame and glory of course πŸ˜€ . Several of the reasons are: building a community, keeping track of what me and my friends are doing and analyzing gameplay for improvement.


A shadowy figure reminiscent of the Grim Reaper

Games I Stream

Mostly I’m streaming the games from the library below. If you want to see a stream of something different – feel free to let me know and shared ideas. I’ll be happy to arrange a future stream of it, as long as I have the game itself and it is in compliance with Twitch’s TOS.
A gigantic XBox gaming controller

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You’d better support this person, or I’ll whip you to hell and back!

Balrog of Morgoth

A dark female-reminiscing robot



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Huge dual monitor gaming setup

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Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, Darkest Dungeon, Warframe, World of Warcraft, Warhammer End Times: Vermintide, Guild Wars 2, Deep Sky Derelicts

A huge gaming library - various games and consoles.
A sign saying "Hall of Fame"