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These dudes are completely nuts!

The Nutty Professor



The fact that you reached this site means that you really have nothing to lose. You don’t have much to gain from being here but a few laughs or a couple of tears (be it from affection or desperation at the bullshit that occurs). Regardless, we hope you will have a good time around us!

Egon trying to extinguish fire. Steaks on grill

We are Firestarters

Ancient ruins - Trier. Roman ruins.

We are ruins explorers

Bardic performers from the Ronneburg Castle LARP festival in 2017

We are bard-lovers

A pedestal with the city map made from iron.

We discover the beauties of old places

A fridge full of steaks, sauces and energy drinks. We are NOT vegans!

We are NOT Vegans

Two people (ShadoW and DoomMachine) buying "small" amounts of beer.

We are beer drinkers

Nature, castle and the LARP camp at Ronneburg castle, 2017

We are LARP fans

A treasure chest

We are Treasure hunters

Geeks, beer, food and various tech at the same place.

We Are Geeks

Literally a homemade feast - 5 types of bread, banitsa (Slavic cheese pie) and grilled corn. Delicious!

We are Feast Lovers

A warrior duel from Ronneburg castle LARP event, 2017

We are warriors

The black Omega symbol - the logo of Doom Legion Omega

We are DoomMachine Gaming - where genius and stupidity meet!

And so it begins!

Learn who we are, what we do. See who comprises DoomMachine Gaming

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They are here for a couple of  things: To drink beer, to eat meat, to tell hard truths and to kick ass. You’d better hide the beer and meat!


Employee, Newmeat (Novomes)